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Decorative Tiles

A lot of you have asked how these tiles are printed, how durable they are and etc.  Let me start by explaining how the print process is. Toranj uses top of the line UV printers to print directly on any rigid substrate up to 2" thick which in this case, we have used a real high gloss white tile.  First off, we lay down a layer of primer to make the print adhere better and extend its durability. Then we print our color layer and at last a clear layer of ink similar to lacquer acting as a protection layer against dust and scratches. Our tiles are super durable, they have been used as hot plates and have been hand...

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Kaghaz Rangi

It was a pleasure to be part of Kaghaz Rangi's Norouz event in Toronto/Canada this passed weekend (March 15-16). It was our second event experience and we are happy with the results. We got to showcase and promote our canvas and t-shirt line as well as other unique gift items. Customer feedback and satisfaction is always at top of our priority. We'd like to thank Ava and Kiana from @kaghazrangitoronto.

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Tirgan's Nouruz Event

Tirgan's norouz event on March 8-9 in Toronto/Canada was our first product launch. Toranj's first experience as a pop-up shop was at Toronto Center For The Arts. It was a great experience and we'd like to thank all of you who visited us as well as Tirgan. Looking forward to Tirgan's summer event in July. 

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